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Making and Design Thinking


My streams have been abuzz with “making” and “design thinking.” Last Wednesday was a great first Design Thinking in K-12 Twitter chat (#dtk12chat). I’m starting to get my head around the concept after the chat and attending the Innovative Leadership seminar from the Santa Fe Leadership Center.

Our school is in the middle of a huge project in which we are expanding our Innovation Center to include the computer lab. The new space will be part film studio, part maker space. It’s been an awesome experience helping design the space. I look forward to our school having a beautiful space to create and play.

We’ve started looking at how to make the space maker friendly and I’m looking at Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration. It’s a fantastic mix of projects, theory, and case studies to help guide the creation and use of maker spaces. I highly recommend it. It’s one of those book you’ll return to over and over. I can tell already.

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The Best of California’s Gold – So long, Huell

California lost its best friend today. I’m utterly saddened by Huell Howser’s passing. He exemplified curiosity and had a fabulous knack for connecting with people. There was no better advocate for telling California’s stories, preserving its history, and discovering its treasures.

Liz (@gypsylizzie) said it well,

“I think what most upsets me about his passing is that, without him, Californians, and even California itself, might no longer be what Huell thought we were. If he’s not here to see us that way, maybe we aren’t. I love Huell’s California. I love what he saw in us. I’m sorry for our loss.”

So long, Huell.


Learn more about Huell.

Watch his episodes.

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Hi folks,
It’s been way too long since I have last updated. I’m hoping to pick things back up again soon. Until then, find me on Twitter (@matt_arguello).

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Symbaloo Logo

Here is the new logo I designed for Symbaloo’s certification program. If you’re not familiar with Symbaloo, it’s a great tool for creating a visual homepage that can be used for tons of purposes. I am using it now in my computer lab to give my students easy access to sites we use regularly. Check out if you’d like to set up your educator account.



Symbaloo Certified Logo
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