Google Teacher Academy, Here I Come

16 Nov

I’m pleased to share that, about a month ago, I was accepted into the Google Teacher Academy to be held in Mountain View, CA at the Googleplex. After submitting applications that included a video component, about 60 of us were chosen from a applicant pool of about 300.

GTA is a two-day intensive workshop during which educators from around the world learn about the latest and greatest from Google and how to use it in education. It’s led by a group of Google Certified Teachers who will guide us through a process that previous attendees describe as terrific experience. I’m really looking forward to learning from the #GTAMTV crew. I’ll report back in December.

If you’re interested in applying, keep an eye on this page, Twitter, and Google+. Announcements of the next GTA seem to come out of the blue, with only a little time before applications are due. And they’re not always at the Googleplex. Others have been held recently in NYC, Seattle, and the London.

Here’s my application video. Make sure to check out the videos from the other applicants. Good stuff.

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Posted by on November 16, 2012 in Google, Professional Development


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