Middle School Business Project

20 May

For the past couple years I’ve been having my 6th and 7th graders complete a business project in which they write a script for an audio commercial, record the audio, edit it and add music, create a logo, and post it all to a wiki. The students are always excited about this project and I think this is the case for a few different reasons. I give them a lot of latitude when choosing the type of business they’d like to base the project on. This year I have one student selling cow bells. They also get to use a variety of tools including Garage Band and Aviary.

I’ve been trying to think about other reasons the students seem to really get into this assignment so much. Whether they know it or not, or rather whether they can articulate it, one of the draws is that it has a real world connection to something they experience. Unfortunately, we’re all accustomed to being the subject of marketing.

But I’ve become a little uneasy about this assignment in as much as it’s definitely not my goal to promote consumerism. Perhaps next time my students will be required to “sell” a free service that, in some way, helps others.

Here is a link to my rubric. Feel free to use it, remix it, or print it out only so that you can tear it up.

Business Project Rubric

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