Another awesome CUE conference

29 Mar

What is it about this time of the school year? It seems that every year as soon as Spring hits everything suddenly has more urgency. I suddenly realize that I’m running out of time to finish or start certain projects. Deadlines seem to speed toward me and it all just seems to pile up.

I’m convinced that CUE folks had exactly this in mind when they first decided to schedule the conference for mid-March. It’s the perfect time of year to give teachers that extra dose of motivation or inspiration to finish out the year.

CUE was awesome again this year. It was my first time as a speaker at the conference and it was a great experience to share my knowledge with attendees. For those keeping track, my session was entitled Imaging Basics Using Free Web Tools. I covered some basic techniques and concepts of imaging tools and how these tools can be used in different curricula. As a professional photographer I use Photoshop a lot. It’s a great tool and has almost limitless potential for creativity. However, it’s very expensive. Enter free web tools.

In the past few years many different web 2.0 tools that focus on image manipulation have sprung up. Lately, some of them have begun to rival Photoshop in terms of basic to moderate manipulation. If you’d like to check them out head over to AVIARY.COM or SUMOPAINT.COM. There are others but those are particularly good.

If you’d like to see my slides from my presentation they can be found at Additional resources can be found at

The sessions I attended were great as usual. Particularly useful was Bill Selak’s Improving Student Learning by Creating an Online Video Library. I have already started making short videos for my students. It’s actually quite interesting how easily video engages them.


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